Saturday, August 2, 2014

Redefining acting in nudity

August 02, 2014

Aamir Khan's almost nude poster in his new flick PK is out. Why on earth he did this? He doesn't need to prove his acting skills. We know how serious actor he is and he does it in clothes very well.

Of course, the artists do explore art in nudity through their paintings and sculptors but in acting, it is needless. I've heard directors saying they showed their female protagonists in bikinis because it was demand of the script.

Oh really, and who writes such scripts? The talented writers who think shedding clothes is acting?

I don't know why Aamir Khan want to do too much out of box when he can impress the audience by simple and classy flicks like Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots, etc. In fact, in his exaggerated experimentation, he did negative role in Dhoom 3 that was so unbecoming of him.

Yes! For an actor, box-office collection matters, but to prove one’s acting skills, it doesn’t. Rather, it is the powerful performance of actors and tireless efforts of others behind the camera that places the movie in classic category.

Perhaps, the definition of acting has changed nowadays. And I thought, real acting doesn't need sound, but just expressions. How wrong I was. Still, I see the essence and presence of Sanjeev Kumar, Kamal Hasan and the new bloke Ranbir Kapoor in their movies even when they didn’t utter any word.

I know Lunchbox happens, but not so often. The present-day actors are so unnatural that it would be injustice to them if I would start expecting Hindi cinema witnessing flawless performances again like Sanjeev Kumars, Amol Palekars, Smita Patils, Farooq Sheikhs and so on.

The criteria to become an actor have changed. Now, the male lead is asked to develop a six-pack body and female to have size zero. Nudity is art and who else than Sunny Leone can epitomize this. Dialogues will make you feel as if you are walking in one of the streets of your own city, because they contain the choicest of the abusive words which you never dare use in public or never wish to listen when with family.

Well done Aamir Khan for bidding adieu to acting so early and embracing the new cult.

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