Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why self-declared seculars silent over Aditya killing?

Yogesh Mishra
May 11, 2016
Rocky Yadav kills Class XIIth teenager Aditya Sachdeva with Italian pistol in broad daylight, but nobody from the self-declared sympathy-pouring secular fold utters anything against the barbaric act. Why? Just because it happened in Nitish Kumar's Bihar and not in any BJP-governed state?
Boy-Boy!! What a double standard! What happened to teary-eyed Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and rest of the political crowd who claim that they couldn't resist crying at the sight people's suffering, although by "The People" they mean those who detest BJP.
Aditya's father wants Rocky Yadav to be hanged as he rightly says that the latter won't remain in jail for more than six months. Why the secular lot not supporting Aditya's father? This bunch created much hue and cry when Rohith Vemulla committed suicide. Vemulla left a letter behind. He didn't blame anybody for his extreme step. Contrarily, Aditya didn't kill himself, it was Rocky who shot the lad down.
This is a cold-blooded murder. You ask common mass and they would say Rocky should be hanged. But a section of politicos with secular badge tattooed on their foreheads would oppose Rocky's execution. Yes, some of them had opposed execution of terrorist Afjal Guru.
Till what period the people will endure the politics of convenience by these opportunists? Enough is enough. We don't want double-talk anymore. You can't decide to raise voice for Rohit vemulla, Mohammad Akhlaq who was lynched by mob in Dadri and JNU poster-boy Kanhaiyya Kumar and pose silence on Kaliachak riot (Malda district, West Bengal) and lynching of Delhi (Vikaspuri, West Delhi) dentist Dr Pankaj Narang.
Forget politics. Here, it's a matter of justice. And who wants justice? A family who lost its 19-year-old son who was brutally killed by a person who believes in trampling common mass because he considers them as sheer burden on earth.
Democracy will test these self-declared secular people at every juncture. They can's escape, howsoever hard they try to do so. People already know how selfish this secular brigade is but they are displaying tremendous amount of tolerance. Once the water level exceeds, the flood would be devastating and none of the feigning lot would survive to brag anymore.

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