Friday, February 12, 2010

The power of message

Everybody wants to convey some message to the world. In his movie – 3 idiots, Aamir Khan puts a BIG question mark on the entire education system. Recently, when India won an ODI against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens, Calcutta, Gautam Gambhir was declared man of the match for his excellent ton. But Gambhir gave that award to Virat Kohli for his maiden century. Here, Gambhir gives message that it is necessary to appreciate youths when they perform well.

All the babas and gurus appeal people to shun violence and to follow religion. Swami Ramdev uses his voice in criticizing the multinational companies for deceiving Indians. He emphasizes on swadeshi items. Ratan Tata gives message to the world that what the automobile giants couldn’t dare to dream, he dares to do. He made Rs 1 lakh car for the common man.

Mukesh and Anil Ambani convey message that success becomes an ordinary word if you will make your commitment and determination big. But on the flip side, the duo gives message that if the siblings are ambitious then they can’t share the same roof after their father’s demise. Although we see these things happening in every second family but the message becomes vital when it is conveyed inadvertently by Ambanis.

Now, have a look on negative messages. Lalu Prasad Yadav conveys message that if you will believe him and his family, he will let no stone unturned in plundering you.

Sharad Pawar gives message that diseases like diabetes are rising in India and it would be healthy decision if half the population will stop consuming sugar. Pawar is right. After all, it is better to advise the mass instead of a handful of illegal stockists.

Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray give message that Bombay is their well and they are frogs. But Bombay is a large well which is linked to all corners of the world with thousands of tunnels. Unfortunately, the frogs misinterpreted tunnels. They thought tunnels are only used for inflow of money and outflow of outsiders.

BJP has failed to give any clear message. It is still in dilemma. It doesn’t know who will bring back its gold days – the young generation or the oldies.

Congress gives various messages. Sonia Gandhi says party is important. Rahul Gandhi says party desperately needs young leaders. Priyanka Gandhi’s political gamut begins with her mother’s campaigning during elections and ends with her brother's campaign. Am I talking about Congress or about a specific family? Don’t get confused. Congress and Gandhi family form either sides of the coin.

The Congress leaders have motley of choice. The veteran leaders think Sonia Gandhi should become PM. They youths think Rahul Gandhi resembles his father Rajeev Gandhi and hence, he should become PM. Some overenthusiastic leaders think since Priyanka has inherited the quality of leadership from her grandmother Indira Gandhi, she deserves the PM post. Now, I am confused. I want to know what about PM Manmohan Singh? Will anyone appreciate him for his grit of being existent in spite of knowing that he is non-existent for his party members?

Amar Singh, who was recently expelled from Samajwadi Party, says that he was a mere litter bin in the eyes of Mulayam Singh Yadav. Strange! This man gives message that howsoever dedicated party worker you may be, but your value will never be more than a litter bin. A clear message – one who joins politics becomes a litter bin. So think twice before deciding to join any political party.

The criminals, naxalites and terrorists also convey message to the world that peace is ephemeral and agony is eternal.

Finally, I think whatever we say or we do become message for others. Now it depends on you whether you want to convey positive message or a negative one.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

आतंक और भय

I wrote this poetry just a couple of days after November 26, 2008 - the fateful day when terrorists attacked Bombay.

कही गहमाया हुआ
सा वातावरण
कही झुंझलाया हुआ
सा कुंठित मन
ऐसे में, कैसे बेफ़िक्र
रहे कोई
जब दाँव लगा हो
हर जीवन

कैसा आतंक
है छाने लगा
जो हवा का रुख़
बहकाने लगा
अब सांसों पर भी
अधिकार यहाँ
कोई इंसान अपना
जताने लगा

उठती लपटें
दरिंदगी की
भस्म होती
पल-पल मानवता
यहाँ ईच्छाओं
आशाओं का
मुश्किल है बुनना
कोई स्वपन

ऐसे में, कैसे बेफ़िक्र
रहे कोई
जब दाँव लगा हो
हर जीवन

अब वाद्यों के सुर
छिन्न हुए
सुमधुर आवाज़ें
क्रन्दित हुई
अब कलमों के स्याह
लाल हुए
कृतियों से विलग हुआ

अब ना रहा वो
घर जिसपर
इठलाते थे
तुम हरदम
अब ना रहा वो
बाग जिसे
कहते थे तुम
सुंदर मधुबन

ऐसे में, कैसे बेफ़िक्र
रहे कोई
जब दाँव लगा हो
हर जीवन

अब ना रहे वो लोग
जिन्हे तुम
बतलाते थे
अपना गम
अब ना रहा वो
शहर जहाँ
लहराता था
कभी चमन

अब तो केवल
जंगल की ही
भाषा बोली
जाती है
अब तो हर मौसम
मे खून की
होली खेली
जाती है

ऐसे में, कैसे बेफ़िक्र
रहे कोई
जब दाँव लगा हो
हर जीवन

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bombay belongs to all Indians and so does every other city

May 2, 2010

It is shame that Shivsena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena are claiming that Bombay belongs to Marathis. What about other cities? If the people of other cities too would start drawing boundaries between locals and others then what will happen to the progress of the country?

Why on earth we are tolerating such extremists in this democracy? Dear Bal Thackrey, you are a visionary cartoonist but why do you and your nephew Raj Thackeray (MNS chief) become narrow minded when people from other parts of the country come to Bombay. Bal Thackeray, Initially, everyone appreciated you when you opposed those Muslims who had links with terrorists.

But, you can't put all the Muslims in the same bandwagon. Now, you and Raj Thackeray are targeting people on the basis of Marathi and non-Marathi. What is this? Don't you have any subject to raise before people? Did your Shivsainiks ever tried to help Bombay's poor and deprived people? Where were you when the Marathi farmers were committing suicides one-by-one in other parts of Maharashtra?

Why don't you raise human-oriented issues? Your are a learned man and have a good brain, but unfortunately you are using it in destructive purpose. At is age, you should have set example before people how religion connects people, but you are doing exactly opposite. You are still grumbling, and complaining. What for?

Your resentment against a particular section of people have forced you lead a solitary life. Even you friends from BJP and other parties are gradually ignoring you.

We know you are not a politician and hence, your voice usually represents the narrative of a common man. But why are you throttling a common man existing inside you? Rather, this common man has made you strong icon in the eyes of several people.

Awake, because time doesn't wait.

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