Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Politics on suicides

Yogesh Mishra

February 02, 2016

Chhattisgarh is suddenly witnessing spurt in suicide cases. Majority of the people, who have ended their lives, were young. As expected, the politicians grabbed the issue and have started slamming the government for failing to create conducive atmosphere for youth to survive, evolve, work and flourish. Now, the ground is ready for national players to play political Holi by taking up the issue to higher level and draw the eyeballs from every nook and corner of the country with sole intention to brighten their career.

Being expert in this game of opportunism, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi, Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, the Leftists, TMC's Derek O'Brien and his ilk and many more self-proclaimed gear-changers of the society are expected to instantly fly to Raipur and kick-start the drama from dharna to rally to bandh.

But what if there won't be any dalit or tribal card for them? They will certainly be disappointed because nobody is interested in raising voice for the people belonging to general category. In fact, it is the SC/ST or minority angle that is trending in the country nowadays. Rohit Vemula is the latest example. He wouldn't have received such massive support pan India, had he been a general student. While Vemula's background, his lifestyle and political inclinations are still being debated, Rahul Gandhi went on to the extent of comparing him with Mahatma Gandhi.

Fair enough, Rahul Gandhi might have done it to express his strong feelings for Vemula. But will he or anybody else remember Vemula after conclusion of assembly elections in five states this year? Perhaps not or never. When the politicians forget their vision document (or poll manifestos), on the basis of which they contest elections, then how come they will remember anything anybody else?

So, the game is all about profit and loss. The politicians will only take pain to set tone for youngsters (who committed suicide in Chhattisgarh) when they would foresee long-term political gains from their Raipur visit. They are least interested in rationalizing youth and instilling fighting spirit in them. Public awareness is venom for them. They rather want an anarchic, fragmented and dead society as fodder.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Kejriwal and corruption

Yogesh Mishra

February 01, 2016

It seems Arvind Kejriwal's achche din (good days) are numbered now. Reason? The firebrand BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has now trained guns towards him after giving nightmares to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. This time, Swamy hints of exposing Kejriwal's graft connections.

Swamy accuses Kejriwal of illegally favouring SKN Associates Limited during his first tenure, precisely speaking - when the RTI-activist-turn-politician was Delhi CM for 49 days.

Swamy claims that SKN Associates Limited was a VAT defaulter company, but managed to bag several contracts during Kejriwal's regime as its four subsidiary companies had donated Rs two crore (Rs 50 lakh each) to Aam Aadmi Party earlier.

So, will the self-proclaimed altruist tender his resignation on moral grounds as he had been seeking from others who faced corruption charges?

Perhaps not. In fact, he shunned ethics and values after wearing political cloak. He is no more an ordinary human being, but has turned into a shrewd politician now.

He would rather blame the saffron brigade of playing vendetta politics against him for his series of jibes against PM Narendra Modi on different issues.

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