• Farmer politics
  • Yogesh Mishra

    September 21, 2017

    Indian farmers barely get timely compensation against their damaged crops due to drought or flood. And its happening for last several years. But why? How come the farmers are suffering when every political party claims to be their true well-wisher?

Why self-declared seculars silent over Aditya killing?
Yogesh Mishra May 11, 2016 Rocky Yadav kills Class XIIth teenager Aditya Sachdeva with Italian pistol in broad daylight, but nobody...

How come #Vikaspuri and #Dadri lynching cases different?
Yogesh Mishra March 26, 2016 Not long ago, the so-called intellectuals had dubbed entire India as intolerant and accused Centre for playing...

Yogesh Mishra February 02, 2016 Chhattisgarh is suddenly witnessing spurt in suicide cases. Majority of the people, who have ended their...

Yogesh Mishra February 01, 2016 It seems Arvind Kejriwal's achche din (good days) are numbered now. Reason? The firebrand BJP leader...

Malda violence: Has Mamta secured Muslim votebank?
Yogesh Mishra January 29, 2016 Mamta Banerjee thinks except TMC, rest all other parties are playing politics on harrowing and..
Yogesh Mishra December 19, 2015 What a mockery of democracy? After getting bail on National Herald case, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi addressed the...

Will Modi bounce back?
Yogesh Mishra Raipur, November 12 Are people disillusioned with Bharatiya Janata Party? In just one and a half year of its rule under NDA...

BJP’s RS arithmetic fails in Bihar
BJP’s RS arithmetic fails in Bihar
Raipur, November 10 Bihar results have severely affected Bharatiya Janata Party’s hopes to consolidate its position in Rajya Sabha. The party...

Social equality? My foot!! No girl is safe in the country..
Yogesh Mishra This is bizarre!! Why on earth defending lawyers of Fabindia are giving pretexts that the camera was installed outside the trial...

Why Modi is planning to induct Mehbooba Mufti in his cabinet? You can't believe the Muftis, especially after the bitter abduction episode of...

Casual versus formal
October 01, 2014 Isn’t it preposterous that people are still evaluated by what they wear and not by the skills they possess under their belt?...

Redefining acting in nudity
August 02, 2014 Aamir Khan's almost nude poster in his new flick PK is out. Why on earth he did this? He doesn't need to prove his acting...

Sonia Gandhi's desperation
July 07, 2014Congress is considering going to court if it won't get post of leader of opposition in Lok Sabha. Ohhh!! Look who is wriggling. Is it...

July 01, 2014 How come TMC MP Tapas Pal overtly spews venom and even goes on to ask his supporters to rape CPI(M) female workers and Mamta can't...

June 22, 2014  This is an irony that critics expect good days to come in just one month when Congress couldn't even bring average days for the...

June 17, 2014 Isn't it strange that our national language Hindi is struggling to make its presence felt in its own country? Boy!! Why on earth we...

June 17, 2014 Will someone gag Jammu and Kashmir CM Umar Abdulla for "overusing" the freedom of speech - a right which he is not at all entitled to...

June 14, 2014  Isn't it a good initiative that Narendra Modi government has decided to stop the idiotic tradition of getting documents attested by...

Manni wants to meet NaSh

September 26, 2013
Despite twin terror attacks in Jammu, PM Manmohan Singh is hell bent on meeting his (Na)Pak counterpart Nawaz Sharif (NaSh) in the US.

Brave boy

September 25, 2013
Kudos to four-year-old Brit lad Elliot Prior, who unflinchingly looked in the eyes of one of the terrorists involved in Nairobi mall attack and said ‘you are a bad man’. 

We don't want politicians in disaster-hit places

Yogesh Mishra 
Raipur, May 02, 2013 
With success comes responsibility. After successfully organising two IPL matches in Raipur, the...

April 23, 2013 
These days, the state governments have started a new trend of distributing laptops to students. I reckon the students need jobs,...

Political Analysis 
Yogesh Mishra 
Raipur, April 06, 2013 
With nearing assembly elections, BJP and Congress are desperate to know what people...

FLIP SIDE - Candid v/s calculative
Yogesh Mishra
The British Prime Minister David Cameron is a very candid person. He says he does not like hiding his feelings. Hence, when he said Pakistan was the exporter of terrorism, India grinned. But India frowned when he offered to shift the Commonwealth games to London from New Delhi if the latter was not ready to host it..

FLIP SIDE - Sigh of relief

Yogesh Mishra

When Union Home Secretary GK Pillai, during his recent Chhattisgarh visit, ruled out the possibility of deploying army in the Maoist-hit areas of the state in spite of series of naxal violence in the past couple of months, the leaders from both the ruling BJP as well as Opposition Congress heaved a sigh of relief. Although, both parties genuinely want eradication of naxalism from the tribal belts but not through army route..

FLIP SIDE - Speech skills

Yogesh Mishra
There are few ministers in the Chief Minister Raman Singh’s Cabinet who have been advised by their fellow ministers as well as by the Opposition Congress to hone their speech skills. One such minister, who is rather a novice..

FLIP SIDE - Ubiquitous leaders

Yogesh Mishra
There are too many politicos who are ubiquitous and you will find them even at those places where they are not supposed to be. But when you ask them about their omnipresence, they will answer gravely – “We are politicians. It is our duty to be present in every appropriate and inappropriate place.” One corporator-turned-MLA from ..

FLIP SIDE - In pursuit of prominence

Yogesh Mishra
Another state-level Youth Congress leader has categorically instructed his adjutants to instantly inform him wherever they discover the people angry with the system, especially students. This leader has, in fact, decided to keep on..

FLIP SIDE - Self-reformation

Yogesh Mishra
In BJP, two leaders who suddenly became ‘Page 1’ figures for media due to their empire in the field of construction have decided to do..

FLIP SIDE - Feigned overlordship

Yogesh Mishra
There is a BJP leader and a corporator in Chhattisgarh who has been elevated to a more dignified profile in the Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC, but he poses as if he has an aura of an MLA or a Parliamentarian. He, too, cannot help..

FLIP SIDE - Oracle octopus Paul

Yogesh Mishra
The psychic Octopus Paul, who is more popularly known as oracle octopus, is on seventh heaven after his prediction once again proved correct that Spain will win the Football World Cup final. This octopus has knack of predicting..

FLIP SIDE - Potatoes costlier than petrol

Yogesh Mishra
The cost of potatoes went gone past Rs 60 per kg this week due to sudden increase in transportation fare that happened because of recent fuel price hike. The petrol..

FLIP SIDE - Overloaded school buses, autos

Yogesh Mishra
Finally, there is someone who cares for students. It is the state Transport department that has decided to take action on school buses, vans and auto rickshaws overloaded with students. The Additional Transport Commissioner..

FLIP SIDE - Water harvesting

Yogesh Mishra
Just a month back, the government and all the civic bodies were appealing to the people to save water and to install water harvesting system. In the capital, the RMC had given ultimatum to all the residents, builders and government edifices to install water harvesting system before..

FLIP SIDE - Capital traffic

Yogesh Mishra
The RMC and police administration recently decided to improve the capital’s traffic system by posing stern face towards the norm violating motorists. The RMC also constituted zonal teams for the purpose. Suddenly, the roads and intersections of the capital wore a new look and Raipurians found traffic cops seriously discharging their responsibility in every square, triangle and turning. People thought the.......

FLIP SIDE - Politically incorrect

Yogesh Mishra
The BJP national president Nitin Gadkari is once again in controversy due to his non-calculated talks. This time, he has targeted Congress and has once again made politically incorrect remark raising the delay in hanging..

FLIP SIDE - Why Congress is sulking?

Yogesh Mishra
The state Congress is utterly flummoxed by the attitude of the party’s Union ministers because every time their Chhattisgarh visit summerises with appreciation of Chief Minister Raman Singh’s government. The Congress leaders are continuously demanding from the party’s national leadership to thwart the rising...

FLIP SIDE - High income

Yogesh Mishra
There are a couple of officials in the RMC who are illustrious (or notorious?) because of their high income. The stories of these officials are being dramatically narrated in the municipal corridors. You simply ask anybody in the......

FLIP SIDE - Price rise, politics & dharna

Yogesh Mishra
The rising prices of essential commodities have given golden opportunity to the opposite parties to hit the Congress-led UPA government, expose its flawed policies and create its ‘bad boy’ image before public. So, all the opposite..

FLIP SIDE - Ego clash

Yogesh Mishra
A top civic official has gone on long leave due to his differences with the minister of relevant department But do you know why this official has dared to lock horn with the minister? It is because the official does not want to please the minister by sycophancy, but by his performance that, according to him, always traverses.. 

The power of message

Everybody wants to convey some message to the world. In his movie – 3 idiots, Aamir Khan puts a BIG question mark on the entire education system. Recently, when India won an ODI against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens, Calcutta, Gautam Gambhir was declared man of the match for his excellent ton. But Gambhir gave that award to..

Bombay belongs to all Indians and so does every other city

May 2, 2010
It is shame that Shivsena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena are claiming that Bombay belongs to Marathis. What about other cities? If the people of other cities too would start drawing boundaries between locals and others..

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  1. Irregularities in appointment of Vice-Chancellor , Bastar University, Jagdalpur (C.G.)

    We wish to bring to your kind notice following facts regarding appointment of Vice-Chancellor at Bastar University ,Jagdalpur

    1. Norms and rules and regulation 2010 of University Grants Commission for appointment of Vice-Chancellor was not followed by search committee.
    2. According to UGC regulation Persons of the highest level of competence, integrity, morals and institutional commitment are to be appointed as Vice-Chancellors. The Vice-Chancellor to be appointed should be a distinguished academician, with a minimum of ten years of experience as Professor in a University system or ten years of experience in an equivalent position in a reputed research and / or academic administrative organization. but Dr.N.D.R.Chandra not completed ten year as Professor at the time of submission of application from last date of application was 15 January 2013. His application for Professorship was rejected by the Screening Committee on grounds of poor qualification. However, through illegal maneuvers he was appointed Professor.
    3. Dr.N.D.R.Chandra Passed B.A PRIVATE in Third division, M.A. PRIVATE Second division and began his career as postman is working as a Professor in Nagaland University, reportedly university of last choice for any academician in the country.
    4. Recently he was rejected in interview of Professor held on 22 January 2013 at Guru Ghasidas Central University Bilaspur C.G. on grounds of poor qualification. His Academic performance index is less than 400 which is minimum requirement for Professor according to UGC regulation 2010.
    5. The Nagaland University Teachers’ Association, Kohima (NUTAK) compliant against Dr. Chandra to his vice chancellor in 2011 he has a habit of harassing Research Scholars of other Supervisors by ensuring their PhD registrations are kept pending indefinitely. These scholars are also compelled to engage his classes. However, the most unethical practice is that he forces them to evaluate examination scripts of his papers. these are extremely confidential matters and not to be transferred to others, particularly scholars. In the event one cannot evaluate scripts the same must be intimated to the Controller of Examinations in written and scripts surrendered in sealed packets.
    6. There is a case of molestation against Dr. N.D.R. Chandra when he conducted a Refresher Course for college teachers in 1999. An investigation conducted had indicted him but the reports suddenly went missing and the case is in cold storage till date.
    7. He is the member of RSS.
    In the name of justice and fairplay it is requested that this appointment of Vice-Chancellor should be cancelled at earliest


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