Friday, May 31, 2013

PCC office-bearers’ meet tomorrow

Vora, Hariprasada, Mahant, Choubey to attend meeting

Will frame strategy to attack BJP govt on Darbha incident

Raipur, May 31, 2013

A significant meeting of state Congress office-bearers will be convened at Congress Bhawan on Sunday (June 2). The meeting will be attended by AICC treasurer Motilal Vora, Chhattisgarh Congress incharge BK Hariprasada, union minister of state Charandas Mahant and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey.

This will be the first meeting of top Congress leaders after May 25 naxal attack on party’s parivartan yatra at Jiram valley in Darbha region in which PCC president Nandkumar Patel, senior tribal leader Mahendra Karma, ex-MLA Uday Mudliyar and others were brutally killed.

While both Congress and ruling BJP claim that they are not politicising Darbha incident, nonetheless they are doing so on daily-basis, the former is likely to chalk out strategy to attack the latter on the issue to cash in on in upcoming assembly polls. 

The Congress charges that the BJP government had conspired to kill its top leaders, although the latter disagrees with it and point fingers towards some of the senior opposition leaders. In this backdrop of this blamegame, the Congress desperately wants to continue its parivartan yatra so that it could turn public sympathy into votes. Till May 25, the yatra was led by Patel. On Sunday’s meeting, the senior leaders are likely to share responsibilities to complete the yatra. 

They will also decide whether to go to Bastar again to reach those areas, which were scheduled under fourth phase of yatra, or not. On May 25, the party was supposed to hold two public rallies in Sukma and Darbha. It was after Sukma public meeting when the Maoists’ attacked yatra while it was on way to Darbha. Now, it would be on party whether to start the yatra from Darbha or from elsewhere. If it does so, it would have to reschedule its yatra plan as fourth phase was supposed to be concluded on May 29 while fifth and last phase was set to be taken out from June 2-9, 2013.

The party is further expected to discuss over the name of next PCC chief who is more likely to be makeshift at present so that its functioning could go smooth.

Cong says few in govt got info about naxal attack instantly

Demands criminal case against them
Raipur, May 31, 2013
Congress on Friday demanded filing of criminal case against those persons in government and administration who received information about naxal attack on parivartan yatra at Jiram valley in Darbha in first 10-15 minutes. 

“These persons were waiting for success of Maoists’ operation and did not send any help to the Congmen who were brutally killed by the naxals,” said PCC spokesperson Rajesh Bissa.

“To welcome the yatra, DCC Bastar office-bearers Gopi Madhwani, who too got killed by naxals, had reached ground zero along with two other partymen in his vehicle at 3:45 pm. As soon as the trio reached there, they heard sound of an explosion. They instantly turned their vehicle and rushed towards Darbha but meanwhile Madhwani became victim of naxal bullet. Their vehicle reached Darbha police station at 4:05 pm. When the two Congmen informed the police about naxal attack the latter said the information had been forwarded to top officials. Now, the CM, HM and DGP should tell when they learnt about the incident,” he said.

He expressed his surprise that despite a particular news channel showing veteran Congress leader Vidyacharan Shukla in an injured condition at about 6 pm, the government help reached the spot well after four hours. 

Pointing that the entire incident had been given shape after hatching a conspiracy to kill top-rung leaders of Congress, he alleged that several important persons in government and administration were directly responsible for the incident. 

He said while PCC president Nandkumar Patel had intensified movement against the government on corruption issue, tribal leader Mahendra Karma was struggling for tribal welfare in Bastar region. Former MLA Uday Mudliyar too was about to file criminal case against the CM pertaining to mining lease given to Ma Bamleshwari Minerals, he added. 

“Evidently, the murder of these three leaders was a profitable deal for some of the significant persons in the government,” he said. 

“Not sending timely help to the Congmen can also be seen as a part of conspiracy to kill them,” he added.
He said if the CM was really embarrassed of Darbha incident then he should immediately tender his resignation.

Jogi faction burns effigies of Tomar, Kumar

Raipur, May 31, 2013

The supporters of Congress MLA Ajit Jogi on Friday burnt effigies of Madhya Pradesh BJP chief Narendra Singh Tomar and BJP national general secretary Ananth Kumar for holding him responsible for Darbha naxal attack.

Later, former YC leader Vinod Tiwari alleged that the ruling party was creating rumour against Jogi through its leaders in other states. He said the BJP was habituated of politicising murders, riots and rapes. 

He further said that by not providing adequate security to Congress parivartan yatra in Bastar and tempering evidence before national investigation agency’s (NIA) visit to Jiram valley in Darbha region evidently indicate of Raman Singh government’s support to naxal attack. 

He said how come BJP national president Rajnath Singh learnt about PCC chief Nandkumar Patel’s murder at 8 pm on May 25, 2013 when CM received the information about it at 8:30 pm on the same day. 

While burning effigies of Tomar and Kumar, Tiwari was accompanied Indrajeet Rajput, Sunny Agrawal, Fareed, Vicky Pandey, Ramesh, Sheet Shrivas, Ram Chakradhari, Golu Chandrakar, Raka Sagar, etc.

Govt playing safe, keeps self away from probe gamut: Jogi

Demands judicial commission to also probe whether UAVs were used to conduct surveillance parivartan yatra route or not

N Says no dearth of leaders in Cong to hold PCC chief post

Raipur, May 30, 2013

Senior Congress MLA Ajit Jogi has alleged that the government was playing safe by keeping itself away from gamut of judicial probe into May 25 naxal attack on Congress parivartan yatra. “The probe will be futile if the judicial commission would not inquire government’s role and responsibility,” he said while talking to the scribes at his residence on Thursday night.

“Among the nine points given to judicial commission for probe there is no mention that responsibility of the government too would be scanned. This is actually the major point to be inquired and hence the commission should include it,” said Jogi.

He said the commission should also inquire whether the government had sent unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to conduct surveillance of the route that was adopted by Congress leaders to return from Sukma during parivartan yatra or nor. “Some of our sources informed that the UAVs had been asked to survey wrong route. If this is so then it is a major blunder,” he said.

He said the commission needed to further investigate why chief minister Raman Singh did not oppose bail plea of Maoist Gudsa Usendi’s spouse Malti Priya who is presently in jail. 

On his alleged involvement in conspiracy to kill the Congress leaders, he said Madhya Pradesh BJP chief Narendra Singh Tomar had pointed finger towards him as he cried after the incident. “My lawyer Farhan has sent a legal notice to Tomar in this connection and has filed a criminal case under section 500 of IPC against him for dragging my name sans evidences,” he added.

When asked his take on reported censure by union minister of state Charandas Mahant to Congress MLA Kawasi Lakma on ‘route change’, Jogi nothing of that sort had happened and it was only a hype created by the media. “Mahant never rebuked Lakhma. He simply inquired about the route change from Lakhma in a friendly manner. I too have asked Lakhma in the same fashion,” he clarified.

He said the Congress had given prior information to the relevant government authorities about yatra’s route.
Asked if he would get chance to take reins of state Congress, he said it was not appropriate time to think about, however, he added that the party had no dearth of leaders to hold post of PCC chief.

All-party meet failed to produce result: Cong

Raipur, May 30, 2013

Congress on Thursday said the all-party meeting called upon by state government to discuss on naxal issue failed to produce any result as was expected. 

“The Congress was never in favour of attending this meeting as it was convened by the government which faces charges of criminal conspiracy in wake of May 25 Darbha incident,” said PCC spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla.

“In democracy, the significance of opposition is equal to ruling party but in Chhattisgarh the BJP conspired to wipe the opposition by not providing sufficient security to parivartan yatra,” he alleged.

YINTUC activists held while going to gherao CM house

In protest of naxal attack on Congress parivartan yatra 
Raipur, May 30, 2013

About 25 activists of Youth Indian National Trade Union Congress (YINTUC) were arrested by police at nalghar chowk on Thursday while they were going to gherao CM house in protest of recent naxal attack on Congress parivartan yatra.

Considering YINTUC’s CM house gherao plan, the police had made adequate arrangement to stop them at nalghar chowk by putting barricades. Before arrest, some of the YINTUC activists clashed with the cops when the latter did not allow them to cross the barricades.

Earlier, the YINTUC activists mustered at dharna spot near sports complex Budhapara and then proceeded towards CM house under   the leadership of their state president Aijaz Dhebar. Holding the government responsible for naxal attack on Congress leaders, they were sloganeering against it.

Apprehending that chief minister Raman Singh can affect the probe into May 25 incident, the YINTUC activists demanded his instant resignation.

They alleged that the government tempered evidences before national investigation agency’s (NIA) team reached Jiram valley in Darbha region where naxals had brutally killed the Congmen.

Pointing that a few months back the CM had announced of using brahmastra before polls, they asked whether he had used it by not providing adequate security to parivartan yatra and allowing the naxals to kill the Congress leaders or not. 

They also sought probe into BJP national president Rajnath Singh’s May 25 statement in which he had expressed his grief over killing of PCC president Nandkumar Patel and his son. They said Singh’s statement contradicted media’s information about Patel and his son’s abduction by Maoists after attack. 

They said the Congress had history of sacrificing lives and in doing so the party always got consolidated. 

Defeating BJP will be true tribute to senior leaders: Cong

Raipur, May 30, 2013

Congress on Thursday said defeating BJP in upcoming assembly polls would be true tribute to senior leaders who lost their lives in naxal attack on May 25, 2013. 

The PCC spokesperson Rajesh Bissa the deceased Congmen Nandkumar Patel, Mahendra Karma and Uday Mudliyar had launched anti-corruption campaign against BJP government and now the party would take the responsibility to achieve the incomplete tasks.

Singhdeo informs Sonia about naxal attack on parivartan yatra

Raipur, May 30, 2013

The state Congress vice president and parivartan yatra incharge TS Singhdeo on Thursday met party supremo Sonia Gandhi at New Delhi and informed her in detail about May 25 naxal attack on yatra.

He told Gandhi that the yatra’s route was prescheduled, but the ruling BJP in state in its defense had created rumour that route was changed in the last minute.

He said the party had always provided full details of PCC president Nandkumar Patel’s tour programmes to police.

On the occasion, Singhdeo was accompanied by his brother AS Singhdeo.

Phone call details will reveal facts about naxal attack: Jogi

Raipur, May 30, 2013

Senior Congress legislator Ajit Jogi on Thursday said phone call details of chief minister, home minister, senior officials, etc would disclose facts about naxal attack on parivartan yatra on May 25. He urged the probe agencies to quickly obtain all the relevant phone call details to get more evidences about the cause of the incident.

Cong to pay tribute to deceased partymen on June 6

Raipur, May 30, 2013

Congress will pay tribute to it leaders who got killed in recent naxal attack on June 6, 2013. The party will pay condolence to the deceased partymen in its district and block headquarters at 11 am. On the occasion, the party will also organise all-religion prayer, informed PCC spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why Jogi is giving clarifications, asks Sundrani

Raipur, May 29, 2013

BJP leader Srichand Sundrani on Wednesday said it was surprising that senior Congress MLA Ajit Jogi was giving clarifications over naxal attack on parivartan yatra when nobody had alleged of his involvement into the incident. 
“The reports of national investigation agency (NIA) will come after sometime but Congress leaders including Jogi have started giving explanations,” Sundrani said. 
It is really beyond comprehension why Jogi is giving clarification over the incident when there are many more leaders in his party,” he asked.
He said it were Congress leaders who had created rumour that conspiracy led to Darbha incident. 
“The union minister of state Charandas Mahant too is vaguely hinting that the incident took place due to political conspiracy, but is refraining from making his statements clear. In fact, during his statements, after talking to the point to some extent, he is diverting the matter towards BJP,” he said.

Naxal attack: Suspension of SP not enough, says Cong

Raipur, May 29, 2013
Congress on Wednesday said suspension of superintendent of police (SP) was not enough in wake of naxal attack on parivartan yatra and action should be taken against all those who were responsible for the incident. 
“If the government admits of security lapse in the aftermath of Maoists’ attack then why only SP has been suspended? There are host of government officials and people in power who too are responsible for the incident,” said Congress business cell president Kanhaiyya Agrawal.
He urged national investigation agency (NIA) to expand its gamut of inquiry into May 25 incident and take cognisance of suicides of some of the top police officials of the state. 
He also slammed home minister Nankiram Kanwar for not visiting ground zero even four days after the incident. He said it was surprising that while Maoists killed about 30 Congmen including PCC chief Nandkumar Patel, the HM did not utter any word on the incident. 
He further questioned how BJP national president Rajnath Singh got information regarding killing of Nandkumar Patel in naxal attack on April 25 night when nobody knew about it. He said the NIA should also take Rajnath factor into consideration and investigate accordingly.

Digvijay appeals naxals to shun violence

Raipur, May 29, 2013
Four days after naxal attack on Congress parivartan yatra, AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh has appealed to extremists to shun violence and join mainstream life. 
Singh’s appeal came in form of a letter he has written to media through Chhattisgarh Congress on Wednesday. In this letter, he also paid tribute to deceased Congmen including PCC chief Nandkumar Patel.
He said when chief minister Raman Singh had admitted that naxal attack on Congress leaders was consequence of security lapse then why responsibility had not been fixed by far. 
He asked why the police took almost three hours to reach ground zero when police station was just 5 km away from it. He further asked why the police did not adopt standard operating process. 
He pointed that despite Congress giving information to police pertaining to its parivartan yatra in Sukma and other areas ten days before, the police did not conduct search operation in the sensitive areas.
He also asked the government to clarify whether the naxals attacked parivartan yatra due to ideological differences or the entire attack was aimed to brutally kill top leader of Chhattisgarh Congress.
He further wrote that the government also needed to explain why naxals targeted Patel who was never a supporter of anti-Maoists’ operation salva judum, Patel’s son Dinesh and 84-year-old Vidyacharan Shukla.

Congmen surprised over Diggi’s soft tone towards Maoists
Digvijay Singh, who was chief minister of undivided Madhya Pradesh for ten years, was expected to give instant reaction on naxal attack and attend state Congress head Nandkumar Patel’s funeral for his closeness with the latter, but surprisingly he did not come and remained missing from the limelight due to unknown reasons. After four days, his letter appeared on Wednesday reflecting his soft tone towards naxals in form of an appeal. 
The Congress workers are astonished by Singh’s appeal as they were expecting him to follow the suit of prime minister Manmohan Singh and party supremo Sonia Gandhi in criticising May 25 incident and assuring them that the Centre would take appropriate action to eradicate Maoists.

Cong to boycott government’s all-party meet today

Raipur, May 29, 2013

Congress has decided to boycott government’s all-party meeting to be held on Thursday. Holding BJP government responsible for naxal attack on Congress leaders, PCC spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi on Wednesday said the party had decided not to attend all-party meeting.

He alleged that the government had always been stolid on major naxal incidents in state.

“Neither the government posed seriousness when Maoists killed SP Vinod Choubey, nor it accepted our demand of CBI probe into Dantewada jailbreak incident. The government also refused to disclose the deal it made with naxals to release then Sukma collector Alex Paul Menon,” he said.

“Maoists’ attack on Congress parivartan yatra in Darbha was the result of government’s negligent attitude towards previous incidents. We feel that discussion on such a grave issue with an incapable government would never produce any result. Hence, we will boycott all-party meting,” he said.

PMC pays tribute to deceased Congmen

 Raipur, May 29, 2013

Pradesh Mahila Congress (PMC) on Tuesday paid tribute to Congmen who lost their lives during naxal attack on their convoy at Jiram valley in Darbha on May 25, 2013. 

Later, PMC president Ambika Markam held government responsible for naxal attack on Congmen. 

On the occasion, PMC Raipur district president Asha Joseph, spokesperson Nivedita Chatterjee and other office-bearers of the organisation were present in large number.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parivartan yatra route was not changed: Cong

Asks why govt pulled paramilitary forces one week before naxal attack
Raipur, May 28, 2013

Dispelling doubts that route of parivartan yatra was changed in the last minute when Congmen left for Darbha from Sukma on May 25, 2013, Congress on Tuesday made it evident that the route was prescheduled. 

“It was decided much earlier that the yatra would reach Kesloor from Sukma via Koknar, Tongpal and Darbha. In this route, the local partymen had done preparations to welcome the yatra,” said Congress spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi while talking to scribes at Congress Bhawan. 

“First, DCC Bastar president Lakheshwar Baghel and others welcomed the yatra at Koknar and then BCC president greeted the yatra at Tongpal. The local partymen in Darbha were also waiting to welcome the yatra but the incident took place in the meantime,” he said.

“There party had never planned to reach Kesloor via Dantewada as is rumoured now in wake of naxal attack on our leaders. In fact, it would have been a longer distance as compared to the prescheduled route,” he added.

Flaying the government for not providing security to the Congmen during parivartan yatra, he asked when the former had pressed security personnel at different locations during Congress manthan camp on February 12, 2013 in Bijapur then why it did not do the same when large convoy of Congress leaders was returning from Sukma. 

He said the government should clarify why it pulled paramilitary forces from Darbha region one week before May 25 naxal attack on Congress convoy when it had received inputs from intelligence regarding Maoists’ movement in the area.

He said the government should tell the number of security personnel it had pressed for its vikas yatra and Congress parivartan yatra. 

He further pointed that the government did not ensured Patel’s security despite naxal attack on his convoy on July 20, 2011. 

To a question pertaining to different types of doubts being raised on attack, he said the national investigation agency (NIA) would expose all the facts. 

On the occasion, Trivedi was accompanied by PCC general secretaries Subhash Sharma, Bhupesh Baghel, party spokespersons Mahendra Chhabda, Sushil Anand Shukla and DCC Raipur urban president Inderchand Dhariwal.

Congmen for Presidents rule in CG

Stage day-long dharna in favour of their demand
Raipur, May 28, 2013

Congress workers have once again reiterated their demand of imposing President’s rule in Chhattisgarh in wake of naxal attack on party’s parivartan yatra on May 25, 2013. The partymen on Tuesday staged day-long dharna in favour of their demand and later submitted memorandums to Raipur Collector on names of President of India Pranab Mukherjee and state Governor Shekhar Dutt. 

Addressing the Congmen at dharna spot, DCC Raipur urban president Inderchand Dhariwal said the BJP government had completely failed to maintain law and order in the state and did not have right to remain in power. 

The state president of Congress public grievances cell Lalit Mishra said the Maoists came into action due to security lapse and hence the government was responsible for Darbha incident. 

The cell’s Raipur district president Rahul Tiwari asked the CM to instant tender resignation for failing to control law and order. Terming naxal attack as cowardice, the cell’s state secretary Dinesh Thakur said the government’s incapability and weakness got exposed after the incident. 

Political conspiracy led to killing of Congmen, repeats Mahant
Raipur, May 28, 2013
Union minister of state for agriculture and food processing industries Charandas Mahant on Tuesday reiterated that it was political conspiracy that led to killing of Congmen including PCC chief Nandkumar Patel, senior tribal leader Mahendra Karma, former MLA Uday Mudliyar in the naxal attack at Jiram valley in Darbha on May 25, 2013.  
He said the people, who feared that Congress had fair chances of forming government in Chhattisgarh in 2013 assembly polls, had actually connived with Maoists to kill the Congmen.
He pointed that despite Centre giving high security cover to Patel and Karma, the state government neglected their security during Congress   parivartan yatra in Bastar region. “Now, who is responsible for this negligence – chief minister, home minister, DGP, the district Collector or SP?
“Parivartan yatra is a complete political programme. The state Congress has provided yatra’s full detail to the government in advance – from route to rally locations. Still, the naxals attacked Congmen. How it happened? We want answer,” he said.
He further said after the state government conceded its mistake on May 25 incident, the CM should instantly tender resignation and recommend for President’s rule. “Now, Raman Singh has no right to hold CM post as people are insecure under his leadership,” he said.
Asked who could be new PCC chief, Mahant said it was not right time to discuss about such matters as Congress had more important task do like to fulfilling dream of those partymen who lost their lives in naxal attack.

Cong burns effigies of CM, HM, naxals

Raipur, May 28, 2013

Congress on Tuesday burn effigies of chief minister Raman Singh, home minister Nankiram Kanwar and naxals in the aftermath of Maoists’ attack on Congress parivartan yatra that killed state Congress head Nandkumar Patel, former leader of the opposition in state assembly Mahendra Karma, ex-MLA Uday Mudliyar and others. 

“The CM and HM are responsible for this gruesome incident. The intelligence failure and government’s administrative incapability led to occurrence of this incident. It is really unfortunate that the police could not find any clue regarding naxals even after three days after the incident. 

On the occasion were present Congress business cell president Kanhaiyya Agrawal, Lalit Mishra, Ashok Shivhare, Atul Raghuvanshi, Jageshwar Rajput, Praveen Jain, Sachin Golechha, Tulsi Janghel, Rahul Tiwari, Pranav, Shukla, Prashant Janghel, etc.

YC demands FIR against two for sullying Jogi’s image

Raipur, May 28, 2013

The YC members on Tuesday demonstrated at Civil Lines police station and demanded FIR against two persons for sullying senior Congress legislator Ajit Jogi’s image in social networking website facebook. 

The YC members alleged that the two persons – Nitin Jadhav and Janardan Mishra held Jogi responsible for naxal attack on Congress leaders on May 25, 2013. 

On the occasion were present state YC president Uttam Vasudev, Vinod Tiwari, Sunil Kukreja, Sanjeev Shukla, Indrajeet, etc.

Monday, May 27, 2013

NYC demands CBI probe into Darbha incident

Raipur, May 27, 2013

Nationalist Youth Congress (NYC) has demanded CBI inquiry into recent naxal attack on Congress parivartan yatra that killed PCC president Nandkumar Patel, former leader of the opposition Mahendra Karma, ex-MLA Uday Mudliyar and several others. 

“We strongly condemn the attack and offer our tribute to the deceased Congmen. We demand impartial probe into the incident by an independent agency like CBI and stern action against the guilty ones,” said state NYC working president Anil Sethiya on Monday. 

Further, the NYC not only asked chief minister Raman Singh and home minister Nankiram Kanwar to tender their resignation on moral grounds in wake of Darbha incident, but also demanded President’s rule in the state.

“How will the government ensure security of the common people when it failed to give security to senior leaders of state’s principal opposition party,” he asked.

He informed that in protest of naxal attack on Congmen the NYC would demonstrate at dharna spot near sports complex Budhapara at 2 pm on Tuesday.

Cong pays tribute to Patel, Karma, others

Raipur, May 27, 2013

Congress and its frontal organisations on Monday paid tribute to Nandkumar Patel, Mahendra Karma, Uday Mudliyar and other partymen who got killed in a naxal attack at Darbha while they were on way to Jagdalpur from Sukma on May 25. 

A candle march was taken out by Congress workers and led by DCC Raipur urban president Inderchand Dhariwal and Congress spokesperson Mahendra Chhabda from Congress Bhawan to Jaistambh chowk to pay tribute to the deceased. 

At Jaistambh chowk, the Congmen garlanded images of Patel, Karma and Mudliyar. 

Later, Dhariwal said the partymen were deeply shocked after the naxal assault on their senior leaders. He said soon a condolence meeting would be organised at Congress Bhawan to remember Patel, Karma, Mudliyar and other deceased Congmen. 

A group of YC and NSUI workers led by Yogesh Tiwari, Vinod Tiwari and state YC president Uttam Vasudev from Ajit Jogi faction also paid candle light tribute to the deceased partymen.

Another group of YC members led by their state vice president Deepak Mishra too paid homage to the deceased.

Naxal attack on parivartan yatra: Cong demands President’s rule

Demonstrates before Rajbhavan & CM house, meets Guv

Calls Chhattisgarh bandh today

Rahul, Hairprasada reach Raipur to take stock of situation

Raipur, May 25, 2013

State Congress on Saturday blamed the government for naxal attack on its senior leaders during parivartan yatra in Bastar. Shocked over the incident, the party leaders led by AICC spokesperson and Chhattisgarh incharge Bhakt Charandas sloganeered and demonstrated before Rajbhavan on Saturday night. 

Later, they met Governor Shekhar Dutt and asked him to instantly impose President’s rule in state. They warned Governor that the Congress would aggressively agitate across the state if he would not send recommendation of President’s rule to Centre by Sunday (May 26) morning. 

In protest of naxal attack on parivartan yatra, the Congress has called Chhattisgarh bandh on Sunday. The Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and Chhattisgarh Congress incharge BK Hariprasada too reached Raipur on Saturday night to take stock of the situation.

Anticipating Congress’ reaction, the government had already pressed adequate police personnel at Rajbhavan and CM house. 

The Ajit Jogi supporters led by Yogesh Tiwari also demonstrated and sloganeered at CM house for over 20 minutes. Later, about 10-12 activists gave court arrest.
Meanwhile, the YC and NSUI activists reached the petrol pump near police headquarters and vandalised property there. However, in a couple of minutes, about 70-80 police personnel reached the spot to control the situation.
The repercussions of Congress bandh call on Sunday was seen in advance on Saturday night at petrol pumps where the motorists thronged to get fuel. 

Earlier, the party leaders and workers in large number thronged Congress Bhawan as soon as they heard about naxal attack on their senior leaders.

While many broke out informing about the incident at Congress Bhawan, the PCC media department expressed its inability to comment on it except saying that the government did not provide security to its senior leaders in Bastar despite knowing that they were in sensitive area.

The party workers too flayed Raman Singh-government for ignoring security of the opposition leaders during parivartan yatra in Bastar. They said while the CM himself was taking out vikas yatra under heavy security, the Congress leaders were not provided the same when they entered naxal-infested region. 

The party workers said the government should have taken proactive measure and provided sufficient security to senior Congress leaders from beginning of parivartan yatra when once it failed to do so earlier in July 20, 2011 when Maoists attacked convoy of PCC president Nandkumar Patel and others near Devbhog.

Govt preps up to deal natural disasters

Raipur, May 25, 2013

Considering meteorological department’s forecast that monsoon will arrive timely this year, state government has started preparing for rescue and flood relief operations to minimise losses in case natural disasters occur in flood-prone areas. 

In this connection, the revenue and disaster management department has issued directive to all district Collectors to prepare a work-plan for disaster management, establish control room and ensure storage of adequate amount of food materials, kerosene and lifesaving medicines in inaccessible areas before commencement of the rainy season. 

The Collectors have been asked to provide phone numbers of district control room to office of the commissioner for relief works. The control rooms will remain open 24x7. To inform people about control room, the Collectors have been directed to use different mediums including local newspapers, All India Radio, Doordarshan, etc. 

In the directive, the collectors have been further asked to identify flood-prone areas and make special arrangement of rescue and relief operations there. The government is also making arrangements of camps in safe places so that flood-affected people could instantly be shifted. 

The equipment required for rescue operations are being repaired and upgraded. The government also plans to promptly provide motor boats and trained jawans from one district to other when needed. 

The Collectors have been categorically asked to directly contact principal secretary revenue in case they require army’s help in flooded areas.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cong objects over HM remarks on Edasmeta encounter

Raipur, May 24, 2013

Congress has strongly objected over home minister Nankiram Kanwar’s remarks on Edasmeta encounter terming it untimely and irrelevant. 

“If the HM states that people killed in Edasmeta encounter were Maoists and the police personnel were innocent then why did the government ordered judicial probe into the matter? Also, why did the government announced compensation package for family members of the deceased? In fact, the HM’s statement has put judicial inquiry into question,” said state Congress president Nandkumar Patel and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey.

“It is an irony that the HM has given his verdict on the matter before inquiry process could start,” they said hinting that the minister’s remark was intended to affect the investigation.

They indicated that even union home ministry had admitted of collateral damage during Edasmeta encounter, but the state’s HM was terming villagers including children as naxals. 

“While innocent tribals are continuously being killed in fake encounters, the government seems reluctant in conducting instant and impartial inquiry,” they alleged.

They challenged the government to show courage and ask CBI to conduct probe into the Edasmeta encounter case so that the family members of the deceased get justice quickly.

Each Chhattisgarhiya indebted to Rs 6363: Cong

Raipur, May 24, 2013

Rebutting government’s claims that Chhattisgarh had reached to better financial condition, Congress on Friday said the state had rather indebted to Rs 13227 crore. 

“In fact, each Chhattisgarhiya is indebted to Rs 6363. This happened despite chief minister Raman Singh holding finance department’s portfolio. It is mismanagement of the finance department that weakened the state’s financial condition,” said Congress general secretary Bhupesh Baghel and chief party spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi. 

“The state is facing financial crisis because the government failed to check unwanted expenditures and grafts. Besides, it has sold state’s mineral resources including iron-ore, bauxite, coal blocks to private companies. The state forests too have shrunk from 44% to 39% under BJP regime. Eventually, the government is left with no option than to take loan from Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It should tell why this circumstance occurred,” they asked.

They pointed that the CM’s announcements during government’s vikas yatra would never reach to practical footing as state lacked funds to implement new schemes and projects.

CM’s every year paddy bonus talks a deception: Cong

Raipur, May 24, 2013

Congress on Friday said chief minister Raman Singh had once again resorted to his old formula of deceiving farmers by promising them to give paddy bonus every year.

“The government’s so-called vikas yatra is full of false promises. The CM is using this yatra to deceive the farmers again by announcing that his government would distribute paddy bonus every year,” said Congress spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla.

“The BJP had promised to give Rs 270 paddy bonus to farmers every year during 2008 assembly elections. After winning the polls, it refused to fulfill its promise and said that it had talked of giving paddy bonus of only one year. Still, the farmers did not get full bonus amount, i.e. Rs 270 per quintal of paddy that year. Recently, the government announced to give the bonus for the current year to take political mileage before elections,” he said.

“If the CM is really well-wisher of the farmers then he should instantly distribute pending paddy bonus of four years, i.e. Rs 3880 crore,” he added.

He said whether the BJP government fulfills its promise made to the farmers or not but the Congress would surely distribute paddy bonus every year if it comes to power.

Prohibition on meat selling today

Raipur, May 24, 2013

The municipal corporation on Friday issued a directive that all the mutton markets will have to keep their shops close on Saturday on the occasion of Buddha Purnima. 

The Urban Administration and Development department has clearly instructed the butchers and mutton shopkeepers that slaughtering of animals and selling of meat within the municipal limits would remain prohibited on Buddha Purnima. 

The officials warned that the RMC would take stern action against those who would flout directives besides imposing heavy fine on them. The civic administration has asked all the zonal sanitary inspectors to keep an eye on the mutton shops.

Road widening: Cong demonstrates at RMC

Raipur, May 24, 2013

Demanding compensation for shopkeepers who are likely to be affected by road widening process from Fafadih to Krishi Upaj Mandi chowk, the Congress workers led by DCC Raipur Urban president Inderchand Dhariwal and Gudhiyari BCC president Ghanshyam Raju Tiwari demonstrated at Raipur municipal corporation (RMC) on Friday.

On the occasion, Tiwari said nobody would oppose road widening works if the affected people would get adequate compensation. 

He urged the municipal commissioner Taran Prakash Sinha to hold a meeting with affected shopkeepers to evolve consensus over compensation package.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pushp Steel used ArcelorMittal’s name to get PL, ML: Cong

Raipur, May 23, 2013

Congress on Thursday alleged that Pushp Steel used world’s number one steel company ArcelorMittal’s name to obtain mining lease (ML) and prospecting licence (PL). 

“In its letter pad, Pushp Steel simply informed the government that it would establish an automotive industry by investing Rs 380 crore with help of steel giant ArcelorMittal. Strangely, the government did not asked Pushp Steel to produce the letter the latter had received from ArcelorMittal regarding their Chhattisgarh venture,” said state Congress general secretary Bhupesh Baghel and party’s chief spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi while talking to newsmen at Congress Bhawan.

“Moreover, the government recommended ML and PL for Pushp Steel ignoring other applicants who were waiting for their turn for over five years. According to rules, such applications should be dealt within one year,” they said. 

They charged that the BJP government did not frame norms for allocating iron-ore mines with an ulterior motive the benefit companies like Pushp Steel.

“The government reasons that it cannot cancel Pushp Steel’s application as Centre has given it ML and PL. If this is so then why the government cancelled ML applications of two private companies pertaining to Raodongri and sub-block A of Raoghat block F in the past despite Centre’s approval. It cancelled the two applications because it feared CBI inquiry,” they said.

“Despite the High Court’s (HC) single bench cancelling government’s departmental decision taken in favour of Pushp Steel, the ruling party challenged the verdict but the court’s double bench dismissed its plea again. However, the government did not cancelled Pushp Steel’s ML and PL, an evident indicator that it squandered state’s rich mineral resources to the particular company,” they pointed.

 “The government in its defence says that it cannot cancel ML and PL given to Pushp Steel because Chhattisgarh HC has given stay order into the matter. The government is misleading again. The HC has actually given stay order on revocation of MoU between the government and Pushp Steel, not on cancellation of ML and PL,” they said. 

“The Raman Singh government is providing misleading and false clarifications regarding Pushp Steel whenever the Congress came up with specific facts about the matter. The Congress sniffs Rs 30000 crore-scam into this case and it demands FIR against CM Raman Singh and the then additional chief secretary,” they said.

Baghel informed that he would soon write another letter to the CBI regarding court decisions on Pushp Steel case.

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