Sunday, April 5, 2015

Social equality? My foot!! No girl is safe in the country..

Yogesh Mishra
This is bizarre!! Why on earth defending lawyers of Fabindia are giving pretexts that the camera was installed outside the trial room? What do they mean? Nothing wrong has happened?
Boy!! Nobody knows, for how long the game of recording females changing clothes in Fabindia trial room was going on and here, the culprits are claiming innocence!!!
This is incredible!! How the hell you are innocent, you cowards? As soon as Irani spotted the camera, she called upon local the MLA Michael Lobo who himself saw at least 30 minute-recording before Irani's entry in the store and discovered that all the females who had changed clothes in the trial room during that period were caught in the camera. He confirmed that the camera had captured photographs/video clippings of the females from head to waist.
What is happening in the country? While the people are frequently circulating information pertaining to hidden cameras in the trial rooms of apparel stores, hotels, restaurants, etc, the government, instead of thwarting such clandestine activities by framing stringent law, seems not even aware of it or deliberately ignoring it.
Perhaps, therefore even Irani - the union HRD minister - was about to fall into trap inadvertently as others.
It’s really high time things should change from rules to policies to judicial proceedings. The girl gangraped in Delhi has not yet got justice. Thereafter, N number of rape cases came to fore, but how many rapists are behind the bars? Perhaps none!!
What is the government doing? It has launched several schemes for females. It wants equal participation of females in making India a global leader. Nonetheless, it fails to protect them.
The females are unsafe pan India. They are not even safe in the national capital, forget about small cities. What is the use of running all kind of female-oriented programmes when none offers them secure and dignified life?
And what are we doing as sensible citizens? We take out candle marches after every rape or molestation case. That's all. We talk much about protecting girls. We hold debates on this serious issue and even participate in awareness programmes related to it. The fact is, we simply try to draw public attention on this sensitive matter, but barely act when we are expected to do so.
Girl power!! Oh! Come on. Don't get entangled in these words. There are people who talk about Beti Bachao in the day time and fly to Bangkok to sleep with a girl in the evening. Its time to denude these hypocrites. Its time to object when somebody tease any girl. Its time to ask the apparel store manager to prove that the trial room you are using has no hidden camera. Its time to mount pressure on the government to hang the rapist (be it minor or adult). Raise voice. Merely protecting the females of your home is not enough. Protect every female. Let her breath the air of freedom..

Friday, April 3, 2015

BJP-PDP ties not good for Modi

Why Modi is planning to induct Mehbooba Mufti in his cabinet? You can't believe the Muftis, especially after the bitter abduction episode of Rubaiya Sayeed - the daughter of then union home minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in 1989.

The kidnapping drama happened just five days after Mufti Mohammad Sayeed became home minister in VP Singh government. The Centre had to release five JKLF operatives to get back Rubaiya.

After assuming office of the CM in J&K in wake of BJP forging alliance with PDP, Mufti displayed his proclivity towards Pakistan and terrorist outfits by praising them for not causing trouble during assembly elections.

He, once again, hogged the limelight when separatist leader Masarat Alam was released.

His pro-Pak and pro-terrorist statements not only gave opportunity to the opposition parties, but also the BJP allies like Shiv Sena to advise Modi to snap ties with PDP.
Now, if Modi takes risk of including Mehbooba Mufti in his team then you can imagine what strategies would the terror groups formulate to reap benefit from Mufti factor in the Central government.

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