Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Proposed power tariff hike anti-people: Cong

Raipur, April 30, 2013

Congress has lashed out at the government over proposed power tariff hike terming it anti-people. 

“Already consumers are paying high power tariff. The proposed hike would be additional financial burned on them. The people of water and coal-rich Chhattisgarh have right to get electricity at low rate but they are not getting it due to government’s mismanagement and corruption. Congress will strongly protest even single paise hike in power tariff,” said Congress spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla on Tuesday.

“Once again, Chhattisgarh state electricity regulatory commission (CSERC) has proposed power tariff hike to compensate losses of power companies by denting consumers’ pockets. It has invited claims and objections till May 20,” he said.

“It is third time in one year the government is going to increase power tariff. Nine months back, it had hiked power tariff by 60-100%. The farmers using irrigation pumps had to pay three times of the then existing tariff rate. Then the government increased 10-20 paise for all categories of customers on pretext of variable cost adjustment (VCA). Meanwhile, it recovered Rs 250 crore by imposing double tax on the consumers,” he said.

“Now, the government is again planning to break the backbone of the common people, especially farmers by hiking power tariff. The government has actually failed to check grafts and inordinate expenditures of the power companies ever since they came into existence. Hence, to compensate loses, it is putting additional financial burden on consumers,” he said.

Child rape cases: Cong says CG stands fifth in India

Raipur, April 30, 2013

Condemning yet another sexual abuse of a girl child in Jashpur, Congress on Tuesday said it was failure of the BJP government in curbing such incidents that put Chhattisgarh in fifth position among states with highest child rape incidents. 

“The latest report of Asian Centre for Human Rights confirms that Chhattisgarh is among those states which have maximum child rape case. Just recently, a girl child in Durg was gangraped and killed. The police have not yet trapped the rapists. Now, similar incident occurs in Jashpur. This is intolerable. The government will have to arrest and punish the rapists quickly,” said state Congress chief Nandkumar Patel and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey.

Indicating towards figures provided by National Crime Records Bureau that said 3688 child rape incidents took place in Chhattisgarh in last 11 years, the duo said the government should the reason for its mysterious silence over the horrible incidents. 

They alleged that the BJP’s politics was based on double standards. “While it is quite vocal in condemning Delhi rape incident, its silence over similar cases in Chhattisgarh is unacceptable,” they said.

“The government was expected to take firm step to check rape incidents after rape cases in Jhaliyamari, Amadula, Koria and Jashpur surfaced. Who has stopped it from taking stern action against rapists,” they asked.

They said rising rape incidents had put state’s law and order in question. “Women and girls are insecure in state. Parents no more trust government’s ashram schools in wake of Jhaliyamari incident. Unfortunately, the government has failed to meet public expectations,” they said.

Yatra, door-to-door drive will bring change in CG: Cong

Raipur, April 30, 2013
Congress on Tuesday said its parivartan yatra and statewide door-to-door campaign - ‘har ghar Congress, ghar-ghar Congress’ would bring change in Chhattisgarh with assembly poll result coming in its favour. 

The party’s chief spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi claimed that both parivartan yatra and door-to-door campaign had been successful by far. He said the party workers too were elated by public response to the two drives.

He informed that in third phase the yatra would reach 17 Vidhan Sabha areas of which 11 seats belong to Congress, five BJP and one Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). 

Trivedi further informed that AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh will participate third phase of yatra on May 6 and 7. On May 6, Singh will first attend unveiling ceremony of former CM of Madhya Pradesh Pt Shyama Charan Shukla’s statue at Rajim and then participate in public meeting in the region. On May 7, he will attend public rally in Nayapara (Abhanpur assembly area).

Cong holds training prog for sector incharges

Raipur, April 30, 2013

Congress organised training programme for sector incharges (ten from each block) of DCC Bastar Rural on Tuesday. The training was imparted by senior Congress leaders including former leader of the opposition at state assembly Mahendra Karma and party’s chief spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi. The Congmen also staged massive dharna programme at Bhanpuri protesting police action against Narayanpur’s advocate Shivkumar Pandey and his family members, YC and NSUI activist and registration of fake naxal charges against tribal Ramnath. Besides Karma and Trivedi, the dharna was attended by Lakheshwar Baghel, Rajnu Netam, Deepak Baij, Harish Lakhma, etc.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Jogi celebrates 68th birthday, displays power

Raipur, April 29, 2013
Senior Congress legislator Ajit Jogi celebrated his 68th birthday on Monday. Several party leaders including MLAs, former MPs, ex-legislators, DCC presidents, PCC office-bearers and large number of Jogi supporters across the state attended his birthday party organised at his residence. Chief minister Raman Singh, accompanied by chief secretary Sunil Kumar and secretary public relations Aman Singh, too greeted Jogi at his residence.

Through the bash, Jogi has not just displayed power but has also sent apparent message in his party that he would play crucial role in upcoming assembly polls and in making of chief minister. Though he himself is strong CM candidate in Congress, the party insiders say that he is more likely to project his wife for the coveted post if the principal opposition gets public mandate. By taking trials of robotic legs, he has indicated that he is preparing for marathon rallies during hustings.

Notably, despite objections by opponent factions in the party, Jogi and his son Amit continued to organise parallel programmes across the state, although he ensured giving prior information about his events to state unit chief.

In Congress, Jogi is bete noire for PCC head Nandkumar Patel, CLP leader Ravindra Choubey, union minister of state Charandas Mahant, former PCC chief Dhanendra Sahu and party general secretary Bhupesh Baghel who have frequently complained against him to party’s state incharge BK Hariprasada and high command. However, despite being aware of growing resistance against him in the party, Jogi kept on giving jolts to other factions through his roadshows and public meetings.

When the party launched parivartan rally from Ambikapur, Jogi conducted a separate roadshow in the city and reached the party’s public rally in the middle. He apparently indicated that despite being alienated, his presence cannot be denied in the party. The tussle between Jogi camp and other factions surfaced prominently during rally when the former’s supporters clashed with TS Singhdeo’s supporters at Surajpur rally and when Ravindra Choubey refrained from participating in public meetings held at Jogi and his spouse’s assembly constituencies.

Jogi’s birthday bash is said to be his strong reply to the opponent factions that he would never give up and keep steering the part as he likes.

The Jogi supporters celebrated his birthday as Vikas Diwas. Jogi’s staunch supporter Yogesh Tiwari informed that Jogi offered chadar at majar near DK hospital in the morning. His supporters also organised several events in the city besides distributing sweets and fruits in hospitals, leprosy colony, handicapped schools, etc.

Earlier, the guests started arriving to greet Jogi at his residence from Monday morning onwards. While WRD minister Ramvichar Netam, veteran Congress leader Vidya Charan Shukla and Nand Kumar Patel reached Jogi residence at evening, Ravindra Choubey was the late entrant as he reached there at about 10 pm.

The Jogi supporters who were prominently present on the occasion were Yogesh, Tiwari, Vinod Tiwari, Subodh Haritwal, Sanjeev Shukla etc.

When Jogi gives Rs 100 to CM

When chief minister Raman Singh reached Jogi’s residence to greet him, the latter gave him Rs 100, for the bet he lost to CM after his prediction of Pune Warriors’ victory in IPL match at Parsada stadium Raipur on April 28 proved wrong. Jogi also walked on his robotic legs before media.

2nd phase of yatra gets massive response: Cong

Raipur, April 29, 2013

Congress has claimed that the second phase of its parivartan yatra received massive response from people. The yatra’s second phase concluded on April 27. In six days, the parivartan express bus covered 626 km. Third phase of the yatra will commence from May 2.

The yatra’s second phase was participated by union minister of state for corporate affairs (independent charge) Sachin Pilot, former Uttar Pradesh PCC chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi and leader of opposition in Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Ajay Singh. AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh is scheduled to attend yatra’s third phase on May 7.

The yatra coordinator Jaswant Claudius informed that the party organised public meetings in 17 assembly constituencies in second phase. “In two phases, the party has organised rallies in 33 Vidhan Sabha areas,” he said.

The places where the yatra’s third phase will be organised are – May 2 - Matiyari (Beltara), Sipat (Masturi), May 3 – Pamgarh, Bilaigarh, Sarangarh, May 4 – Saraipali, Basna, Mahasamund, May 5 – Komakhan (Khallari), Gariyaband (Bindranawagarh), Nayapara (Abhanpur), May 6 – Kurud, Nagri (Sihawa), Rajim and May 7 – Dhamtari, Gunderdehi and Balod.

मनमोहन की चिंता

April 28, 2013

प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन सिंह संसद के ना चलने से चिंतित हैं। उनका कहना है दुनिया पूरा तमाशा देख रही है और हंस रही है। भई क्या बात है मनमोहन सिंह जी! आपको बड़ी चिंता है दुनिया की हँसी की? लेकिन यह निहायत ही अफ़सोसनाक बात है कि पूरा देश पिछले नौ सालों से आपकी नाकाबिलियत पर हंस रहा है फिर भी आपको कोई फ़र्क नही पड़ा। घर का जोगी जोगड़ा, बाहर का है संत?

मनमोहन जी! संसार की हँसी का आप कैसा मर्म निकाल रहे हैं, यह तो आप ही जानें परंतु सत्य कुछ और है। संसार आप पर इसलिए हंस रहा है क्योंकि आपके देश का एक निर्दोष नागरिक (सरबजीत सिंह) पिछले 22 सालों से पाकिस्तान की जेल मे सड़ रहा था और हाल ही मे उसपर प्राणघातक हमला हो गया, लेकिन आपको  नेहरू-गाँधी परिवार की तीमारदारी से फ़ुर्सत नही हैं।

विश्व के आठवें सबसे शक्तिशाली देश के सबसे कमजोर प्रधानमंत्री जी, केवल कागजों मे शेर होने से कुछ नही होता, अपने घर-परिवार की रक्षा करने के लिए कलेजे की ज़रूरत होती है, जो आपके पास नही है। ऐसा दुस्साहस यदि कोई देश अमरीका के साथ करेगा तो अमरीका उसका विश्व-पटल से नक्शा ही समाप्त कर देगा।

संसार आपकी खिल्ली उड़ा रहा है क्योंकि आप देश की सुरक्षा कर पाने मे अक्षम हैं। कश्मीर का आधा से ज़्यादा हिस्सा पाकिस्तान खा गया, बचा हुआ यासीन मलिक और उसके सरीखे गद्दार खा रहे हैं, आप मौनी बाबा बनकर बैठे हैं। बरसों पहले, उत्तर-पूर्व प्रदेशों का हज़ारों किलोमीटर का क्षेत्र चीन खा गया, आपकी तत्कालीन सरकार हिन्दी-चीनी भाई-भाई का राग अलापती रह गई। अब चीन की नज़र लद्दाख पर गड़ गई है, और आप हैं कि पीठ पर छुरी भोंकने वाले चपटी नाकधारी चीनियों को कड़े तेवर दिखाने के बजाए आँख चुरा रहे हैं।

श्रीलंका जैसा लफंटूश राष्ट्र आपके देश पर दबाव बनाने मे इसलिए सफल हो जाता है क्योंकि आपको डर है कि आपकी 'ना' सुनकर वह चीन से हाथ मिला लेगा। नेपाल और बांग्लादेश जैसे अराजक राष्ट्र आपके देश मे हर वर्ष अपने हज़ारों नागरिक धकेल देते हैं और आपको मुँह चिढ़ाते हैं परंतु उनके विरुद्ध जब भी आप आवाज़ निकालते हैं, पता नही क्यों हमें म्याऊँ-म्याऊँ या में-में ही सुनाई देता है।

मनमोहन जी, अन्य राष्ट्र आपकी लाचारी का मज़ा ले रहे हैं क्योंकि जिस आध्यात्मिक भारत ने नारी को देवी का स्थान दिया वहीं आपके राज मे उसकी अस्मिता को चंद विकृत मानसिकता वाले नपुंसक दागदार कर रहे हैं। दुख तो इस बात का है कि देश की राजधानी मे महिलाएँ और बच्चे सुरक्षित नही हैं। आपका क्या है - आप तो ठाठ से चार-पाँच सौ सुरक्षाकर्मियों के बीच घिरे रहते हैं और हमारी मां, बहन, बहू और बेटियाँ पुलिस के साए मे भी स्वयं को असुरक्षित महसूस करती हैं। अरे! घर की लाज तो बचा नही सकते, देश की क्या खाक बचाओगे!!

समस्त संसार आपको देखकर इसलिए भी हंस रहा है क्योंकि आप अर्थशास्त्री होते हुए भी देश की अर्थव्यवस्था का बंटाधार कर रहे हैं। सभी राष्ट्र इस बात से आश्चर्यचकित हैं कि जिस व्यक्ति के लिए आपको अपनी कुर्सी छोड़ देनी थी उसे आपने राष्ट्रपति बनवा दिया और एक बारहवीं फेल लड़के को प्रधानमंत्री पद देने मे आपको कोई गुरेज़ नही। मनमोहन सिंह जी, ज्ञान और कर्म से धनी व्यक्ति बड़े-से-बड़े पद को भी अपने ठोकरों मे रखता है, पद की लालसा मे किसी की चापलूसी नही करता। 

दरअसल आपकी चिंता इस बात की है कि अगले चुनाव मे यदि आपको आपके दल ने प्रधानमंत्री का उम्मीदवार नही बनाया तो दुनिया की यह सोच कि - आप इटली के राशन दुकान वालों के हाथों महज एक कठपुतली हैं - सही साबित हो जाएगी। लेकिन आप ऐसी नौबत क्यों आन देना चाहते हैं? समय रहते चेत जाइए। अपनी बुद्धि का प्रयोग देश के उत्थान के लिए करें, किसी परिवार को खुश करने के लिए नही, अगले कुछ महीनों मे वो करके दिखाएँ जो कांग्रेसियों ने साठ सालों मे नही किया।  शायद देश का इतिहास आपको भी अटल की तरह स्मरण करेगा।

Second phase of Cong yatra concludes

Pilot says Cong will form govt in CG
Third phase to start on May 2
Raipur, April 27, 2013

The second phase of Congress parivartan yatra concluded on Saturday. The party claims that it has received massive response from public during second phase. The party is also satisfied with its Saturday’s Bilaspur rally that was prominently addressed by Union minister of state for corporate affairs (independent charge) Sachin Pilot.

According to Congress yatra’s media coordinator Jaswant Claudius, the minister affirmatively said that Congress would form government in state by winning next assembly elections.

Pilot also hit at the BJP government for misusing Central funds and said despite provision of sufficient funds to state the benefits reached to pockets of BJPians and their kin instead of people. 

On the occasion, Pilot also announced to open Company Registration Office (CRO) in Bilaspur.

Claudius informed that the rally was also addressed by union minister of state for agriculture and food processing industries Charandas Mahant, state Congress chief Nandkumar Patel, CLP leader Ravindra Choubey and other leaders.

In the rally, Mahant said people of Chhattisgarh desperately need change in power. Patel held government responsible for dejected condition of Bilaspur. Choubey said government selling farmers’ lands to industrialists at low rate.

The party will commence third phase of the yatra on May 2. The will conclude on May 7. In six days, the party will organise 17 public rallies.

Cong amends yatra schedules

Congress has amended third and fifth phases of parivartan yatra’s schedules and kept fourth phase intact. 

The third phase of yatra will start from Matiyari (Beltara VS area) at 11 am on May 2. On the same day, the party will organise public rally at Sipat (Masturi VS area) at 3 pm.

Similarly, the assembly areas where rallies will be organised during third phase are – May 3 – Pamgarh, Bilaigarh, Sarangarh, May 4 – Saraipali, Basna, Mahasamund, May 5 – Komakhan (Khallari VS area), Gariyaband (Bindranawagarh VS area), Nayapara (Abhanpur VS area), May 6 – Kurud, Nagri (Sihawa VS area), Rajim and May 7 – Dhamtari, Gunderdehi and Balod. 

The assembly constituencies where forth phase of rallies will be organised are – May 11 – Rajnandgaon, Dongargarh, Khairagarh, May 12 – Kawardha, Pandaria, Bemetara, May 13 – Nawagarh, Saja, Ahiwara, May 14 – Durg, Vaishalinagar, Patan, May 15 – Arang, Kharora (Dharsiva VS area), Bhatapara and May 16 – Balodabazar and Palari (Kasdol VS area). 

The assembly constituencies where fifth phase of rallies will be organised are – May 23 – Bijapur, Karali (Dantewada VS area), May 24 - Sukma (Konta VS area), Darbha (Chitrakot VS area), May 25 – Jagdalpur, Bakawand (Bastar VS area), May 26 – Narayanpur, Kondagaon, May 27 – Keshkal, Kanker, May 28 – Antagarh, Bhanupratappur, Doundi-Lohara, May 29 – Mohla (Mohla Manpur VS area), Kumarda (Khujji VS area), Dongargaon and May 30 – Raipur.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cong hails decision to open CRO in Bilaspur

Raipur, April 27, 2013

Congress has hailed union minister of state for corporate affairs (independent charge) Sachin Pilot’s decision to open Company Registration Office (CRO) in Bilaspur in three months. 

State Congress chief Nandkumar Patel and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey termed the decision as significant initiative by the Centre for development of Chhattisgarh. 

The duo hoped the CRO too would prove as a milestone in state’s progress as Indian Institute of Management (IIM), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and National Institute of Technology (NIT).

Sops to S’karmis shows BJP’s poll loss fear: Jogi

Raipur, April 27, 2013

Hailing government sops to Shikshakarmis senior Congress legislator Ajit Jogi on Saturday said the former was compelled to do it, for it was scared of losing upcoming assembly elections. He said it was victory of the contract teachers who struggled for long in favour of their demands. 

He said the Congress had always supported genuine demands of Shikshakarmis but the state government continuously posed autocratic attitude towards them. 

He said the BJP betrayed contract teachers as despite promising to fulfill their demands and including their issue as an agenda in its poll manifesto it did not keep its word.

He also lashed out at the government for not extending any help to the families of those Shikshakarmis who died during their agitation. He said if Congress would come to power it would surely give jobs to one family member of every deceased contract teacher.

Jogi further said that the Congress would also replace Shikshakarmi word with guruji. 

He said Congress would also give priority to Shikshakarmis’ other demands including provision of sixth payscale if people would give it mandate in next Vidhan Sabha polls.

He said the contract teachers had made their mindset much before to dethrone the BJP government and its recent sops to them would never do it any favour.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Second phase of Cong yatra concludes today

Raipur, April 26, 2013

The second phase of Congress parivartan yatra will conclude on Saturday. The party will organise three public rallies on the concluding day at Barpali (Rampur), Akaltara and Bilaspur. Union minister of state for corporate affairs (independent charge) Sachin Pilot will address public meeting at Bilaspur. 
The second phase of the yatra commenced on April 22 and in five days (i.e. till Friday) the party organised 15 rallies. The party claims of receiving massive response from people as it got in the first phase.

However, the party continued to face embarrassing situation with factionalism surfacing time and again. In second phase too, the Ajit Jogi faction dominated the yatra as it entered Bilaspur district for the region being stronghold of former chief minister.

Notably, Jogi had completely stolen Congress show on the launching date of the yatra on April 12 when he took a separate roadshow at Ambikapur in presence of all the senior party leaders including AICC treasurer Motilal Vora and state Congress incharge BK Hariprasada. Then, there was a scuffle between supporters of Jogi and yatra coordinator TS Singhdeo at Surajpur rally in presence of AICC spokesperson and MP Sandeep Dixit.

In second phase too, the Jogi stalwarts spoilsport party rally at Bodri by inviting workers for lunch as soon as state Congress president Nandkumar Patel started his address. This happened in Jogi’s absence as he is practicing to walk with elegs.

With Sachin Pilot scheduled to address Bilaspur crowd the party hopes the Jogi faction does not attempts to hijack the show again as it is habitual of doing in presence of national leaders.

People will reject BJP govt’s vikas yatra: Cong

Raipur, April 26, 2013

Congress says BJP government’s upcoming vikas yatra will be a flop show as people of Chhattisgarh will reject it. Comparing Congress parivartan yatra with BJP government’s vikas yatra, Chief Congress spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi on Friday said while the former was receiving excellent response due to workers’ efforts, the latter’s success was doubtful for the ruling party’s had failed in every department.

He alleged that the ruling party aimed to politicise vikas yatra misusing government funds. “Or else, why the preparatory meeting at state-level held at BJP office while district-level meeting were being convened together by government officials and BJP office-bearers,” he asked.

“Though the government wants to take out vikas yatra, there is no development in state. Instead, the ruling party has given scams, grafts and bad governance to the state on the name of development,” he said.

“Knowing that its workers cannot pull crowd the ruling party has pressed entire government machinery to make vikas yatra successful,” he added.

“The BJP has accepted that people were upset with its government, hence it wants to tempt them on pretext of tendu leaves bonus, one year paddy bonus and sarees,” he said.

He indicated that not only Constitution of India but Civil Services Act too prohibit misuse of government machinery to take political mileage.

He demanded for disclosure of government spending including rental cost of helicopters for preparation of vikas yatra.

“The voter list revision is an indicator of pre-poll preparations and if in this condition, the BJP is trying to take political advantage misusing government fund then the Congress demands that the Election Commission should recover this fund from the ruling party and add it to its poll expenditure,” he said.

He informed that the Congress had also written a letter to Election Commission to prevent the government from spending public money inordinately on vikas yatra with an objective to take political benefit.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

CAG report exposes grafts in state’s MNREGA works: Cong

Raipur, April 25, 2013

Congress on Thursday said Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report at Centre had exposed grafts in Chhattisgarh’s MNREGA works. “The report has also exposed BJP government’s anti-poor face,” said Congress spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla.

“The UPA-led union government launched MNREGA to give job guarantee villagers. The project has improved condition of labourers in rural pockets. There is also a provision of unemployment allowance if registered MNREGA labourer does not get job. Unfortunately, in Chhattisgarh, labourers are not getting anticipated benefit from this project due to scams and irregularities,” he said.

“CAG has discovered massive irregularities in MNREGA works in Bastar division, especially in Kanker district which has received MNREGA award on the basis of fake figures. It has underlined that labour payment of over Rs 70 crore was given to sarpanchs in the form of cheque with an intention to embezzle the amount,” he pointed.

“From 2009-2012, cheques of Rs 35.49 crore and Rs 11.59 crore were given to sarpanchs of Narharpur and Makdi blocks under Kanker district. During the same period, cheques of Rs 11.26 crore and 11.56 crore were given to sarpanchs of Bastar and Bakawand,” he said.

“The auditor general has also objected over MNREGA funds being spent on other works in Chhattisgarh. Certainly, with an intention to do corruption the government spent MNREGA funds on those works that were beyond provisions of the project,” he said.

He alleged that the government had not appointed Lokpal in more than half the state’s districts to misuse MNREGA funds. He said MNREGA labourers in Sarguja had not received payment for the past several months. “On the contrary, payment is being done on the name of those job cardholders who have died 8-10 years back,” he added.

He further alleged that several works under MNREGA were straightaway given to contractors by government agencies and departments sans approval of panchayats and payments were done despite incomplete work. 

“The Congress has been raising grafts in MNREGA works in state for a long time. The party’s monitoring committee has toured extensively across the state and found irregularities in MNREGA works in almost all districts. Now, the CAG too report has confirmed the party allegations,” he said.

Sachin Pilot to participate Cong yatra in Bilaspur on 27th

Raipur, April 25, 2013

Union minister of state for corporate affairs (independent charge) Sachin Pilot will participate Congress parivartan yatra in Bilaspur on April 27. 

According to information, he will reach Bilaspur’s Chakarbhatha airport at 3 pm via special plane. After attending public rally in Bilaspur, he will reach Raipur through road route at evening and board for New Delhi from Mana airport. 

Earlier, AICC spokesperson and MP Sandeep Dixit had addressed party’s public meeting at Surajpur in first phase of the yatra. Thereafter, former Uttar Pradesh PCC chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi and leader of opposition in Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Ajay Singh addressed Raigarh and Kharsia rallies on first day of second phase of the yatra. 

In third phase, AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh will participate in yatra on May 7.

Cong to govt: Take strong measure to check rape incidents

Raipur, April 25, 2013

Congress on Thursday asked government to instantly take strong and effective measure to check rape incidents in state. The state Congress chief Nandkumar Patel and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey said physical abuse of women and girls would not be tolerated. 

“It is a serious matter. The government should take stern action against rapists so that in future the perverts may not dare commit such crime,” the duo said.

Mahant to attend Cong yatra on Apr 26, 27

Raipur, April 25, 2013

Union minister of state for agriculture and food processing industries Charandas Mahant will participate in five public rallies Congress parivartan yatra on Friday and Saturday (April 26 and 27). Mahant arrived in the state capital on Thursday evening and left for Korba after brief stay. 

On Friday he will attend two public meetings in Tanakhar at 11.45 am and in Kathghora at 2 pm. 

On Saturday (April 27), he will attend three rallies – Barpali (Rampur) – 12 pm, Akaltara – 2 pm and Bilaspur – 6:15 pm. 

On April 28, he will participate in local programmes including mass marriage programme in his Lok Sabha constituency Korba. At evening he will reach Raipur and board for New Delhi flight at morning on April 29.  

Dixit appointed as Cong business cell’s block head

Raipur, April 25, 2013

Congress business cell president Kanhaiyya Agrawal has appointed Seemant Dixit as organisation’s Purani Basti block head. Agrawal has also instructed Dixit to soon expand constitute executive body.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Report on coal blocks allocation: Cong asks CM to resign

Raipur, April 24, 2013

Pointing towards parliamentary standing committee’s report on coal blocks allocation, Congress on Wednesday said the report confirmed that the BJP government was responsible for wrong allocation and hence chief minister Raman Singh must resign on moral grounds.

“It is the state government which gives recommendations for allocation of coal blocks and other mineral resources. The state government is also supposed to verify eligibility of the companies applying for coal block on the basis of latter’s industrial units established in the state. The BJP government, estimating political benefits and intending to do corruption, had evidently recommended those companies which had existence in state only on papers,” said state Congress president Nandkumar Patel and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey. 

“The BJP government had recommended over four dozen coal blocks to private players and public sector undertakings (PSUs). The parliamentary standing panel has accepted irregularities in allocation of majority of the coal blocks in Chhattisgarh,” they pointed.

They said the state government not made recommendations for ineligible private players but also handed over mining exploration and excavation jobs of cola blocks allocated to PSUs like Chhattisgarh mineral development corporation (CMDC) and state power company to industrial houses closes to top BJP leaders.
Indicating that state’s Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) too had disclosed grafts in coal blocks allocation, the duo asked the CM to tender his resignation moral grounds.

Cong reaches state’s 30% blocks under door-to-door drive

Raipur, April 24, 2013

Congress has reached state’s 30% blocks under its three-month long statewide door-to-door campaign - ‘har ghar Congress, ghar-ghar Congress’. The drive was launched on April 1 and will conclude on June 30. In 90 days, the party aims to reach all 190 blocks of state. The primary objective of the drive is to increase vote bank for the party by publicising Central schemes and creating negative image of the state government by pointing towards its scams, irregularities, anti-people policies and failure to give good governance.

Under the campaign, the party is distribute two types of pamphlets to people – one, comprising list of Central schemes and second, containing list of grafts and scams exposed during BJP’s regime. 

Through the drive, the party is prominently publicise Central schemes like MNREGA, PMGSY, Mid-day Meal Programme, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Indira Awas Yojna, Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY), Rural Drinking Water Supply, Integrated Child Development Programme, Sanjeevni 108, grants for backward areas, etc. 

On the other hand, the partymen are telling people that the ruling BJP does not deserve to  remain in power pointing towards eye camp incidents, smart card scam, mining scam, BALCO land acquisition scam, land sale-purchase scam, Bhatgaon coal block allocation, women abuse cases, power tariff hike, etc.

The Congress spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla informed that workers were toiling hard to make the drive successful. The drive is steered by office-bearers of DCCs, BCCs, wards and booths. Shukla claimed that people were warmly responding the drive for its nature being interactive. 

On Thursday, the drive’s state coordinator Subhash Sharma reviewed its past 23-day progress at Congress Bhawan. He asked co-coordinators to take report from Vidhan Sabha observers pertaining to drive’s progress. The meeting was attended by co-coordinators Kanhaiyya Agrawal, Manish Dayal, Manish Dayal, Dilip Singh Chouhan, Bakar Abbas, Vikas Tiwari and Ashok Shivhare.

Choubey flags off RMC mayor’s parivartan raths

Raipur, April 24, 2013
Congress legislators’ party (CLP) leader Ravindra Choubey flagged off RMC mayor Kiranmayi Nayak’s two parivartan raths from his residence on Wednesday. The two raths will reach for assembly constituencies of Raipur under party’s door-to-door campaign - ‘har ghar Congress, ghar-ghar Congress’.

The organisational camp, however, maintained distance from mayor’s programme as it is said to be upset with her attitude and for raths not containing photos of Raipur North MLA Kuldeep Juneja and DCC Raipur Urban president Inderchand Dhariwal.

Realising that factionalism will spoilsport party’s door-to-door drive in Raipur, Choubey told Nayak to put photographs of Juneja and Dhariwal in raths. 

Nayak, on the other hand, is in no mood to reconcile with Juneja and Dhariwal after MiC members’ replacement episode.

CM to lay foundation stone of college, hostel bldgs today

Raipur, April 24, 2013

Chief minister Raman Singh will lay foundation stone of Government Horticulture College’s administrative building and two hostel buildings at Rajnandgaon at 3:40 pm on Thursday. 

According to information, the administrative building will be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 4 crore while the two hostel buildings will be built at the cost of Rs 3.70 crore. Presently, 200 students are studying in the college. 

The foundation stone laying programme will be presided over by agriculture minister Chandrashekhar Sahu. The programme will also be attended by commerce and industry minister and incharge minister of Rajnandgaon district Rajesh Munat, Lok Sabha member from Rajnandgaon constituency Madhusudan Yadav, chairman of Chhattisgarh civil supplies corporation Leelaram Bhojwani, chairman of Chhattisgarh text book corporation Ashok Sharma, vice president of 20-point programme implementation committee Khoobchand Parekh and Rajnandgaon municipal corporation mayor Naresh Dakalia.

CM condoles demise of Shamshad begum

Raipur, April 24, 2013

Chief minister Raman Singh has condoled demise of legendary playback singer Shamshad Begum Wednesday. He termed the singer’s demise as an end of a golden era in Hindi cinema. He said Shamshad Begum was a popular singer both in country and abroad.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Govt takes decision in compulsion, not public interest: Cong

Raipur, April 23, 2013

Congress on Tuesday said agriculture minister Chandrashekhar Sahu’s controversial remark on MoUs with power plants in Chhattisgarh was an apparent indicator that the BJP government takes decision in compulsion, not public interest. 

“Sahu’s remark has actually exposed the government’s developmental claims on the basis of pacts with power plants,” said state Congress president Nandkumar Patel and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey. 

“Though Sahu claimed that the government took decision to enter into large number of pacts on pressure created by Chhattisgarh state electricity regulatory commission (CSERC), the Congress believes that the government rather approved so many power plants on pressure of industrialists,” the duo said.

Notably Sahu, who is also incharge minister of Korba district, on April 22 told the scribes during his Korba visit that the government did inordinate number of MoUs with power plants. He, however, pointed that the government was compelled to take such decision to accomplish the agenda proposed by CSERC. 

Sahu also said that he was never in favour of too many power plants in state and had always opposed such proposals at every level, though he did not make his objections public. 

Sahu further said power plants were more needed in Delhi and Mumbai than Chhattisgarh. He told that the policy of power consumption came from western countries which link it with development. Such policy never fits in Indian context, he said. 

“It is strange that while chief minister Raman Singh holds energy department, the disclosure about pacts of the department was done by a responsible and senior minister of his cabinet. This is a serious matter and has certainly exposed how the head of the government works,” said Patel and Choubey.

Sarguja gangrape incident gruesome: Cong

Raipur, April 23, 2013

Terming Sarguja gangrape incident as gruesome Congress on Tuesday said the BJP government had failed to create respectable environment for women to live in state.  

“A 19-year-old girl was gangraped and the brutally killed by several persons in village Chirga under Lundra police station (Sarguja). The family members of the rape victim have alleged that the police are trying to shield all the culprits except two. The Congress demands independent probe into this unfortunate matter,” said state Congress head Nandkumar Patel and CLP leader Ravindra Choubey. 

“In over its nine and a half years tenure the BJP government has failed to check crime rate in state. The people of Sarguja have not yet forget that Meena Khalkhon from the area was killed in fake encounter after being raped.  The BJP government actually lacks commitment to improve law and order,” they charged.

They said chief minister Raman Singh must take moral responsibility of increasing crime including rape and abduction cases. “It is wrong policy of the BJP government and its failure to control the administration that led to rise in crime rate,” they said.

Complicated ration card making process irk people: Cong

Raipur, April 23, 2013

Congress on Tuesday reiterated its demand that the government must simplify ration card making process pointing that people were severely irked of complications in it. 

“By far, the government was boasting that its public distribution system (PDS) was prototype in the country. Now what problem occurred in the PDS that the food and civil supplies department issued orders to make new ration cards from April 10-30, 2013,” asked Congress spokesperson Mahendra Chhabda. 

“The fresh directive clarifies the government’s intentions that it wanted to benefit brokers and middlemen and cause inconvenience to poor,” he said.

Cong asks Pandey to break silence over Durg gangrape

Raipur, April 23, 2013

Congress has asked Durg MP Saroj Pandey to break her silence over gangrape of nine-year-old girl in her constituency.  

 “Pandey is adopting double standards on rape incidents. She is quite vocal in criticising recent Delhi rape incident, but poses mysterious silence over similar case that occurred in her Durg,” said chief Congress spokesperson Shailesh Nitin Trivedi on Tuesday. 

He alleged that women abuse cases escalated during BJP’s regime and the government had nothing to do with public sentiments.

Pvt Schools charging excess fees: NSUI gheraoes DPI

Raipur, April 23, 2013

The NSUI members on Tuesday gheraoed directorate public instructions (DPI) protesting excess fees being charged by private schools. 

In this regard, the NSUI members also submitted a memorandum on the name of education secretary to deputy director DPI Sanjeev Shrivastava. 

The NSUI warned DPI of launching aggressive agitation if it would not take appropriate action against private schools taking excess fees from students. 

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